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After my shows air Saturday at 4pm they are then archived for download and listening also
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My friend Tim Hibbs, who DJs the Vinyl Lunch on Acme Radio Live, remembered me from my B.B. King book signing at the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 2013.


He reached out to me and had me on his show the summer of 2016 to play my favorite records, talk about my B.B. King book and discuss the Rock & Review. Apparently, the owner of Acme Feed and See, Tom Morales, was also listening to the show that day and liked what he heard.  Tom reached out to me and setup a meeting to discuss a potential radio show.


Tom gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted with the show and he wanted it to launch in September of 2016 with a minimum of two shows per month.  The entire team at Acme Radio Live continues to be amazing to work with.


The hour-long show has become a weekend hit on Acme and artists truly appreciate coming on the show and being able to talk about their favorite music gear and play three of their original songs for listeners to hear.  At the Acme Radio Live studio, we have a window that looks out on downtown allowing us to look and see the public and fans to see inside while we record the show.


We have had artists from every genre of music, produced a show live from Summer Namm, cut a show from Corner Music in Nashville and recorded interviews from Winter Namm to recap the show.  Acme Radio Gear Gab is a window to the world of what some of the best musicians and artists are playing on the road and in the studio!


Webb Wilder
Thom Bresh
Rory Block
Walter Egan
Ron Block
Daniel Donato
John Bohlinger
Jimmy Olander
Rick Vito
Doyle Dykes
Judy Paster
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