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10 Reasons We Dread Mondays?

Like many of you I frequently do not look forward to Mondays as the great new opportunity that they offer. Now this could be attributed to several factors, so let’s consider some of them.

• We don’t want the weekend to end.

• We didn’t accomplish everything we had hoped over the weekend.

• We had to work part or all of the weekend so we don’t feel like we had one.

• We traveled over the weekend so we are more exhausted then on Friday.

• We know how much work is waiting for us when we return to work on Monday.

• We don’t know how much work or what is waiting for us on Monday and we fear this.

• We have meetings and conference calls starting Monday morning.

• We have a major project due on Monday.

• We have heard that Locusts and Four Horsemen usually show up on Mondays.

• We have an allergic reaction to any day that starts with an M.

This reminds me of a recent conversation I was having with my daughter Taylor about why she was so frightened going into a haunted house. I told her there was nothing to be afraid of since we simply create the fear in our own minds. Much like most of us, me included, experience some anxiety when it is time for us to visit the Dentist or Doctor – even if it is for a routine cleaning or checkup. No other day of the work is as dreaded and feared as Monday. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it since Friday is usually the wackiest day in TVland for me. It is Friday when everyone suddenly realizes we have live sports all weekend long on at least two of our stations and there is an opportunity for severe weather to affect one of these adversely thus changing all programming. To help lessen the effects of the Monday blahs I have started trying to go to bed earlier on Sunday night and map out more of my upcoming day. I have found that reading and acknowledging my calendar of events that I have loaded with to dos for the futures days and weeks helps define some of the things I need to accomplish. Also, on Friday I try to create a new and fresh To Do list so that I have a grip on the days obstacles before I have conjured up my second, desperately needed, cup of coffee! Other things I am considering, but have not initiated yet, getting up earlier in the morning and working out before I attack Monday. Possibly hitting my Snooze Button less than five times before getting out of bed. Not reading and reacting to work e-mails before I have consumed at least one full and highly caffeinated cup of coffee. Watching my stations morning newscast without creating a list of things that need to be fixed or built. Maintaining a positive attitude for the day and week even though I just found out corporate is coming to town and wants some one on one time with me. In the bigger picture of life Mondays really aren’t nearly as bad as we make them out to be. We also shouldn’t allow intense or demanding work situations to stress us out, since most of us aren’t saving lives or trying to maintain world peace. Yes, it does feel like it at times. If we have our health, family and friends then why should a little day like Monday really throw us into a spiral of negative thoughts? Elon Musk stated, “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” Therefore, as part of our new view of Monday maybe we should all see it as another day to be Extraordinary and set the first day of the week as our high bar for the days that follow? Here’s hoping that your Monday is not nearly as bad or overwhelming as you have imagined it to be and that your coffee cup remains full and warm!

Mmmm the first cup of Monday coffee!


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