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Awards, Trophies & Shows Oh My?

Lately I have fallen into several conversations that have involved awards, trophies, rewards and award shows. I work in a business that is fond of having Awards Shows for virtually everything and broadcasting and promoting the programs! And I am by no means against these shows since some of them achieve great ratings with our viewers! These include: movies, sports, music, beauty, TV shows, Podcasts, radio stations, Newscasts, game shows, kids show, sports and the list goes on. I have won a few awards over the years, but primarily for my technical abilities in the business or longevity for being crazy enough to stay in it. I have been astonished by people that work for the award instead of accomplishing the best job and beating their own personal best. I had a boss once that stated, “The best promotions don’t win awards they get the job done.” It has always kind of been a mantra of mine ever since. I don’t think it is jealousy from my own lack of winning more awards, because I am proud of the people I know and work with that do win them. But I feel that so many people that accomplish their jobs day in and day out don’t receive the recognition they should or the thanks. Sometimes our only reward is that we stay employed and receive a paycheck to support and take care of our families. I was speaking with a friend recently and he said, “If it was a choice between an award and trophy or more pay, I would prefer to be paid more!” And certainly, if you achieve the right accolades in your field of expertise it should eventually lead to more money as it increases your credibility since others have recognized your skills. My daughter, Taylor, asked me today “Why are there so many awards shows.” I told her, in my fatherly voice, that we as humans need to be recognized by our peers to feel that we have accomplished something more. Therefore, we create awards shows that air on TV hopefully showing the best of the best? My preference are awards and shows that are determined by the public and not by a board or organization. Politics and agendas seem to come into play with arbitrary self-appointed organizations. Compared to if the public decides with their hard-earned money if they watch a show, go to a movie or buy and artists music. That didn’t keep us from viewing some of the Oscars tonight and I agreed with some of their selections and didn’t on others. But it also feels that the presenters end up becoming more important than the ones up for or winning the awards? We create awards and awards shows and banquettes to pat ourselves on the back and say what a great job we have done and that we are the best of the best. I think that is another flaw in my design is that I never feel that I have done my best. It might be the best in that moment in time, but I always feel that I can do better and beat my prior achievements. I have the good fortune to interview some of the biggest music stars in the world and I am impressed by how humble they are when I bring up their many achievements, gold & platinum records, Grammys and Oscars. Most feel that the greatest reward is that they can make music for a living and have fans buy their music and come seem them in concert. Trophies, Awards and the shows that promote them will always exist in some form or fashion if the public will watch them. For most of us the reward of a fed, clothed, and housed family is the greatest achievement we can hope to make in our daily lives. My family supports and takes care of me and I do the same for them. I won’t be given a big gold trophy and the crowds won’t call my name or cheer me as I give my acceptance speech, but my wife and daughter will have what they need. We will be able to pay our bills and go on the occasional vacation together. All awards and rewards aren’t created equally. The greatest ones that help our family, friends, church family and co-workers are unspoken but are more valuable than a plaque, trophy or gold watch. So, when the next awards show comes on TV, which will probably be very soon, remember that your reward doesn’t require a special tuxedo or designer dress to accept it. You earn it everyday you get up, go to work, do your best job and support yourself and your family.

Maybe they will give a trophy for Put Put Golf?


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