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Change as a Positive?

Change is an interesting factor in all of our lives. It can happen to us, we can be a part of it or we are the creators of change. Albert Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” In my life and career, I have encountered many changes, some good and some bad. Loved ones passing, natural disasters and the passage of time aren’t things we as humans can control. Some people spend endless hours fearing change in their lives, relationships, jobs and careers, but I have never found any benefit in doing that. Over the years I have worked many jobs from playing Santa Claus at a mall, dipping ice cream, mowing lawns and finally TV. I’ve seen managers and bosses, GMs, ownership companies, video tapes to digital and the ways of doing business all change. In most cases the change made things better but there is also a learning curve that we must embrace to be a part of it. Over the years I have seen Department Heads align themselves with the past boss instead of embracing and getting to know the new one. This usually led to them having conflicts with the new manager and either leaving on their own or being helped to depart. I have never been especially good at playing the political games that exist in a work place or kissing up. What I am good at, usually, is learning what my managers want and being able to provide it to them before they ask for it. The goal is to be a more valuable asset to the new boss and provide information to assist them in navigating the new work place, plus if you help them look good to their bosses then they are happier with you as well. Things change in this life and they will always change and the only way to continue on is to bend with the change and not let it break us. I’ve written for many magazines in the past five years and I find enjoyment in taking delivery of new music gear and writing reviews on it. Recently one of the magazines I write for has changed management again and they are seeking a new direction for the magazine and requesting different coverage from me. If I can provide them what they want, then things will continue and if not then I will need to find other publications to write for or get back to writing books. Sometimes change like this takes us in a new direction that we didn’t see before or shows us a door that we previously didn’t realize was there. But to see these opportunities and doors we must be open to them and not rooted in what was or how things use to be. I’m not recommending that any of us step out on a flimsy limb. But, when change occurs we have choices that we can make in how we deal with them, cope with them or embrace them. After careful thought and consideration then we, as intelligent adults, can determine our place within the change or our next move. NO GIG LASTS FOREVER! This applies to pretty much everything in life. I had no idea I would be in television this many years as with each GM I have had to prove my value again. I never thought the Rock & Review TV interviews would last for seven years or spawn a radio show, but it has? I’ve never understood the concept of running from changing or fighting change, because there is no win in either scenario. My methodology has been to be prepared when the change happens and then evaluate it on its own merits and see if and where I fit into it. But change does bring opportunity if our eyes and ears are open to it even if that change is not in the same place we are currently in today or yesterday. The famous philosopher Socrates stated, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Change is like a chameleon we must match the environment!


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