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Family is Family!

Family is an interesting thing and no matter how dysfunctional or crazy that family is, we are the only ones permitted to refer to the eccentric individuals in that manner – because they are ours and we are theirs. The same is true for our work family. If you consider it, we spend more waking ours with the people we work with than we do our biological or relationship families. Many of the people that I have had work relationships have lasted much longer than my outside of work ones. I have been fortunate to work with, or for, people that were much smarter than me and I learned and grew from their knowledge. Similar to a family if a work family environment is a positive and productive one it helps the individuals grow and supports them in their work and outside pursuits. In the work place we have duties to accomplish that help our companies and departments function and keep the bosses happy. Just like at home where we each have chores and things to accomplish that keep the parents somewhat happy with us – or spouse in my case. My home duties involve all garbage removal, all outdoor things like tree and shrub trimming, exterior repairs, electrical/plumbing on the inside of the home and I’m only allowed to wash and dry towels. This is because of a new sweater accident that occurred when my wife and I were dating, and I converted her new expensive garment to a child size? Still not forgiven for that one – 20 years later. Same rules fall true for me and all of my co-workers at work. My chore list at work consists of doing reports, attending meetings, approving timecards, approving time off requests, guiding a creative team, promoting my tv stations/shows and other manager stuff. In kind my co-workers have things to do like editing promos to promote news and tv shows, filling logs, interviewing clients for TV, producing commercials and keeping us compliant with the FCC and program changes! The at home family and at work families are very similar and require the joint goals and actions of the individuals to complete the greater good! When one of us are sick or ill each family is supportive in their own way. We look out for each other and want the best for the individual even if that sometimes means leaving the group and moving to another career or city. In our home families everyone is different and has unique skills and varied goals and that is true for the work family too. In the work family we strive to make each other better at our skills and develop new skills we didn’t even know we had. The bottom line is that family is family no matter where we are, or they are. It is our role as members of these families to be supportive and nurturing of the individuals and the collective. I’m a big believer in giving credit where credit is due at home and at work. We all need a pat on the back and a thank you from time to time. And, when one of us wins all of us win. When I was younger I use to care more about receiving credit for the things I did at work because I thought I was furthering my career. Now I don’t find the need to seek that recognition I care more about my co-workers receiving it and lifting them up. There is enough sunshine for each of us and it is a good thing to make sure everyone around us gets their time in the sun. Our work families matter just as our home families do and each of them sometimes include an odd Uncle that we all must tolerate along the way! Family is still family.

Family is family no matter where we find them!


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