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First Listen: Jeff Coffey’s New Single “Got to Get Away”

Jeff Coffey, formerly of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band “Chicago” is out on his own now focusing on his own music! Coffey’s third solo album will be released this summer but I was able to catch a first listen of his single “Got to Get Away.” The counter beat percussion and guitar feel grabs you from the beginning of the song, but obviously what seals the deal is Jeff’s voice. The entire time I was listening to “Got to Get Away” I was thinking YES, I need to get away and this is a perfect summer song! The Wah Wah laden guitar solo is tasteful and fun and the voice over effects when and harmonies are smooth! Coffey has a spring time/summer time/get away time hit on his hands. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album when it releases. The mix and Jeff’s voice go together like a beach and a cold beverage! The song is currently available on iTunes and Amazon!



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