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Religion, Politics and Coleslaw

I’ve been holding back on sharing my honest feeling on a number of matters, so I thought it was time that I finally shed some light on things.There are two primary camps that exist, and I have chosen mine firmly and there is no swaying me by badmouthing, name calling or other slanderous statements.You can certainly have your own opinion and side, but this is America and you cannot dictate nor denigrate mine! Certainly, you may have the support and endorsements of major athletes and celebrities.You might have a song or slogan that is more appealing or even News channels and programs to back your opinion and side.But I have made my decision and will stand by it no matter what.From the time I was a small child and enjoyed it at Coleman’s BBQ in Cape Girardeau, MO the victor was clear to me then.Mayonnaise based Coleslaw is the only cabbage-based dish that I can support fully.Many of you believe Vinegar based Coleslaw is the true leader in our country and I am not trying to sway your belief in this decision to serve at your family functions and parties. Don’t get me wrong I have crossed the party line and sampled a multitude of Coleslaws each promised to satisfy my side dish cravings and bring me peace, liberty and satisfaction.But only the mayonnaise-based coleslaws have stood on a platform of taste and flavor to me.Now that I have that firmly gotten that off of my chest and please don’t try to argue this point or post hateful cabbage-based comments on this blog for they will be minced and chopped from the very root.Religion and Politics are a lot like Coleslaw.Most people have a religion or belief they follow, and most Americans support some candidates or political party.But it’s all OKAY.Other people don’t need to share your or my religious beliefs as long as they don’t infringe on others.Same is true of politics.Growing up our house was split politically but it was never argued about.I firmly believe that everyone that can legally vote and has an opinion on the candidates and parties should vote their conscience.It isn’t required that I agree with or try to sway them to my side of thinking or candidates.They need to vote the way they feel, and I need to vote as I see fit.This is Democracy and this is the country we live in the United States of America.The diversity of religions and political views makes us all stronger as long as we recognize each persons’ RIGHT to have their individual opinion.The melting pot that is America is also our strength that many nations do not have.Even with the diversity of faiths and political views we are still one people.We need to seek out the things that UNITE us as one and ignore the HATERS that seek to divide us and tear us apart.The truth of most matters is usually somewhere in the middle not on either side.In school I learned much about world religions and the more you learn about them the more similarities you will find.The same is true of political parties and platforms. But, I cannot be swayed in my opinion on Coleslaw although that does not make my friends who praise vinegar-based Coleslaw wrong.It just makes them individuals exercising their American right to choose! Don’t be a Coleslaw hater, relish in the fact that we are all supporting some form of Coleslaw for the betterment of our next meals.Especially when it involves BBQ or Baked Beans!

The Only True Coleslaw for 2020!

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Very good argument 👏! However, I would argue that Mayo vs Vinegar should be chosen based on the entrée. Example fish should get mayo based slaw. BBQ should get vinegar based slaw.

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