B.B. King’s Lucille

and the Loves Before Her

This was my first book and I had never really considered writing a book before although I had dabbled in journalism since my high school days.  The catalyst for writing the book on about B.B. King’s guitars and music gear happened after I returned his stolen 80th Birthday Lucille to him in Las Vegas in November of 2009.


I had purchased Mr. King’s stolen Lucille from a pawnshop in Vegas and for 2.5 months I researched all things Gibson Lucille trying to determine if he ever played or held the 80th Birthday Lucille I had purchased.  After returning his Lucille back to him my family and I went back to Missouri to spend the holidays with our family.


Then the idea came to me that no one had ever written a book about the evolution of Lucille and how she came to be the instrument she is today.  I asked Mr. King’s permission to write the book and he allowed it.  Three years later after many interviews and much research my first book “B.B. King’s Lucille and the Loves Before Her” was published.


It almost wasn’t published as the first two publishers I contacted said B.B. King wasn’t a big enough name to sell enough books.  Fortunately for me both publishers I approached next wanted to publish my book and I ended up working with Blue Book Publications.  I had no idea when writing the book or after it went to publish how many doors this publication would open for me thanks to B.B. King and his kindness.

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Eric dedicated "B.B. King’s Lucille and the Loves Before Her"

to his father, pictured above is a photo taken in 1982 of them both.

BB King 80th Birthday "Lucille'


Eric has an Upcoming book

with Johnny Hiland