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Professional Jealousy?

I am human and flawed to my very core and I know this and try to live above it. But, that being said, in the work world it is very easy to be jealous of our peers that receive titles, promotions and raises while we are passed over. Sometimes I find myself looking at what other local interviewers are achieving and the guests they are acquiring for their TV and Radio shows and I get jealous. For some odd reason, it also hurts my feelings when Publicists go out of their way to promote other interviewers and their shows, but don’t do the same for mine when I have their clients on with me. Then what happens? I feel guilty for being jealous and for allowing my feelings to be hurt when things aren’t aimed at me. Also, I should be happy for my peers when they are deservedly promoted and I should be cheering them on when they move up the ladder! The lives that people see from the outside and that they believe we are or are living are usually vastly different from the reality of those said lives. If you consider it, unless the person is family or a close personal friend you probably only know one dimension of them. That could be the only dimension that they really want you to know or it is the one reflected in your interactions with them. Self-review and analysis is hard and not usually enjoyable. I love conducting my TV, Radio and Print interviews, but I gain much more satisfaction out of promoting and talking up my guests than seeing myself on-air. My broader goal is to put my professional jealousy aside and see how I can make myself better instead? In my day to day job there are many areas where I can expand my knowledge base on the purchasing and placement of digital media, OTT/Streaming TV and the evolution of ATSC 3.0 technology as it effects my career. Although I have many years in the business that really doesn’t mean much in this day and age, now it is about what you have accomplished today! Looking at my media interviews with artists and bands, how can I make these better and more powerful? How can I reach more viewers, listeners and readers? For the Publicists that don’t promote my vehicles as much as they do other TV and Radio outlets, how do I better endear myself and my shows to them? Do I try to attend more of their showcases for artists or am I more engaged with their clients in social media? Many of us, me included, consider situations and goals only from our own personal perspectives. If we can expand that view to take in a bigger picture then we can also see what others are trying to accomplish and how we can help, then possibly they will reciprocate? I don’t believe that jealousy is a good attribute whether it be in personal or work relationships. The question becomes how can we take envy of another person or their situations and instead work to be better? My bet is that even though we might be envious of someone, that there are people that we know that are jealous of what we are accomplishing. I personally don’t want to allow a destructive emotion to be the driver of what I do or don’t do. My hope is that we can all rise above such petty feelings and instead set loftier personal goals. While I don’t like the guilt of feeling jealous I do enjoy the sensation of winning and achieving my goals in life. Maybe I’m not achieving the promotions at the rate I thought I should, maybe I’m not achieving all of the interviews I seek or publicity that I hope for? But if I am giving it my best and 100% then I am of the mind that good things will happen, just possibly not on my time table. Instead of being envious of others I need to be more thankful for loved ones and friends around me and for the little things I do make happen!

Channeling the Rock Star in All of us, not Jealousy!


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