The FOX 17 Rock & Review was an idea that I first had back in 2011 after moving to back to Nashville, TN.  I approached the News Department about putting a report on the beat of covering new and innovative music gear as it released and related to Nashville artists, musicians and Producers.  

 They loved the idea but didn’t feel that had anybody on staff with enough knowledge of music gear and jokingly said “Why don’t you do it!”  I thought about this for a while then I decided why not do it and I started contacting music gear manufacturers to send in their music equipment to be covered on the TV feature.  At first there weren’t many takers as the companies couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t trying to charge them and that it actually aired on TV.


As the show evolved in 2012 one my producers suggested I bring on guests to talk about the music gear with me.  This started out gradually with up and comer artists and sidemen/women for major acts based in Nashville.  Over the past six years and 300 plus episodes it has evolved into major stars wanting to be a part of the show to discuss their tours, new albums, books, charities and more.  But I still enjoy giving up and comers the opportunity to come on the show and we still try to fit in music gear innovations and new products, since I’m still a music gear nut.  I personally enjoy every single episode and I appreciate the artists, musicians, inventors and players that have joined me on the FOX 17 Rock & Review.


The goal is for viewers and myself to learn something new about the artist on the music equipment that we didn’t know before and can share with others!  It ultimately comes down to the love of music and the people involved with creating it.


The FOX 17 Rock & Review airs Wednesday morning in FOX 17 This Morning between 8-9am and the extended Web and You Tube interviews release afterwards!


Guests have included John Oates, Tommy Emmanuel, Brian (Head) Welch, Jonathan Cain, Nathan East, Victor Wooten, Regi Wooten, Robben Ford, Tom Kiefer, Mark Slaughter, Riders in the Sky, Ray Benson, Whisperin' Bill Anderson, Lorrie Morgan, Bellamy Brothers, Doyle Dykes, Kristian Bush, John Anderson, John Bollinger, JD Simo, Rick Vito, Steve Cropper and many more!

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